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Takeway® T1 clamp tripod is the best solution to most of the mini tripods which lack in stability and strength. Takeway® T1 is light and easy to carry without losing its function. The clamping and standing functions provided by Takeway® T1 can be easily used in most of the consumer electronic products, such as a DSLR, cameras, smartphone, tablets. With the accessory installed, it can also be used for a Smartphone. It is convenient to use and create more possibilities. Takeway® T1 only weighs 200g, and the load capacity of the ball head is 3kg. Its portability allows it to be carried in general handbags. You can enjoy its convenience no matter where you are.

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The ultra-lightweight R2 Ranger Clampod is for the “outdoor enthusiasts” group. The R2 Ranger Clampod weighs only 120g and it is portable and convenient to use for consumer electronics such as action cameras, smart phones, and tablets. R2 Ranger Clampod can be easily dissembled without tools and has a maximum load capacity of 3kg (in static). The R2 will not loosen even when it is used while riding or moving around. It can be matched with different accessories. This provides users with versatility based on user requirements. Not only can it be clamped at tubes, it can also be secured on flat surfaces and be placed in the pockets. Even extreme sports will not affect its function. Just enjoy every moment and explore new experiences with Takeway® R2 Ranger Clampod Professional edition!

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