LA1-PH05-ANV Maglev Anti-vibration Phone Mounts

  • Model No. LA1-PH05-ANV
  • The LA1-PH05-ANV Mount Kit is specifically designed for motorcycle rear view mirrors to secure the phone holder to the locomotive. Made in Taiwan motorcycle rear view mirror mount holder is made of aluminum alloys for aerospace applications, 304 stainless steel, POM and EVA. The holder doesn't block the screen or inconvenience the phone user.

    The base structure 0.4 inches hole makes it fit the pedestal perfectly and phone holder, it is stable and non-deformable. Compatible with most of the motorcycle, electromobile and electrical that with 10mm diameter rearview mirror tube.

    This motorcycle phone mounts holder, patented has a sturdy build and disc rotate system revolving clamping arms and a unique maglev anti-vibration mechanism, both stability and anti-vibration, can firmly grip the smartphone, which make your mobile phone to be much better protected decrease shaking and vibrating effectively! Riding with confidence even at off-road potholes no fear of bumps!

    Color: rose gold

    Package included:
    1. T-BM01 ball base 1 pieces. (Included ball head)
    2. T-PH05B-ANV Phone Holders 1 pieces.
    3. EVA Damping Foams 2 pieces (1mm x1pcs + 2mm x1pcs).
    4. Corners Pad for Phone Holders 2 pieces.
    5. Mounting material
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  • Specifications

This universal phone holder works with suitable for smart phone for 4.7 inch - 6.7 inch cell phone screen, including iPhone 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13,plus, X, XS, Pro, Max, Samsung, LG etc, compatible with most mobile phones. IPhone 12 Mini not included.

No need to remove the phones cases when put on the mobile phones it depends on your phone thickness, fit for 12mm~14.5mm including the phone case. If the smartphone (including phone case) is thinner than 12mm, follow the manual instructions and install all the accessories. Installation of pads for sleeve corners & damping foams the most import is to make sure your smartphone seated closely into the phone holder before any further operation.