G1 Tripod

  • Model No. G1
  • Suitable for:
    • G1 attached 1/4” screw to be a mini tripod for camera.
    • G1 can be a functional tripod by combining with any ball head with 1/4” screw hole.
    • G1 + T-B01 ballhead + T-PH01 = Standing Phone holder
    • G1 + T-B02 ball head + T-TH01 = Standing Tablet holder
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  • T1 Upgrade!!!
    T1+G1=「T1 PLUS」!!
    The design of the Ball head can provide multi-angle applications, for each kind of shooting demand, solve the operation position limit, and increase the likelihood of more use.
  • Can be used to match the related accessories


Model Number :


Extended: 15 x 11.5 x 3.7 cm
Folded:9.5 x 4 x 2.4 cm

G1 Tripod x 1, Protective Pad x 1, Manual x 1

Aluminum Alloy

Load capacity:

Made in Taiwan

Warranty :
The product can be exchanged within seven days if there is a defect.

The design and specifications of this product are subjects to change without notice. Please follow the information on the website.


    • Combined with T1 CLAMPOD
      G1 is elaborate-disiged to support T1 Clampod for shots taken in the standing position. It is so concise when storging easily.
    • Combined with T-B01 Ballhead
      G1 can be a functional tripod by combining with T-B01 ballhead or any ballhead with 1/4” screw hole.
    • Simple tripod
      G1 also can be an independent tripod to be fixed on camera directly through the 1/4” screw.