T1 Clampod

  • Model No. T1
    • Super lightweight!
      It is made of aluminum alloys for aerospace applications and weighs only 207g.
    • Super compact!
      It is only half the size of an A4 sheet for easy packing in the hand bag.
    • Super easy!
      It can be clamped onto an objects or stand on a flat surface.
    • Super powerful!
      It is applicable for smartphones, tablets and even DSLRs!
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  • Specification
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  • It holds any electronic product that weighs less than 3 kg, such as camcorder, DSLR, smartphone, and tablet computer. It can also be used as a speedlight or microphone stand.
  • A ballhead with a quick release plate allows you to mount any electronic product quickly. The ballhead rotates in 360 degrees. You can also install other heavy ballheads for a higher weight load capacity.
  • A soft plastic handle and precise screw allow you to screw in tight the clamp easily.
  • The cubic jaw with three kinds of tread make the clamp steadier and easier to be fixed.
  • The maximum load capacity of the clamp is 40 kg. The clamp is made of the aerospace-grade aluminium alloy, which makes the clamp much lighter but stronger than the other products. It is only half the size of an iPad.
  • A stand that is easy to be stored offers a firm support to the clamp.。
  • Holds fast
    and never loosens
  • Feel free and at ease even when alone
    Why hand hold a selfie stick? T1 Clampod can be clamped to a pole or a flat edge, and it can stand on its own. It can be used in different places and it allows you to take a unique selfie easily in any kind of situation. Selfie made easy
  • Capture a nice memory of your family day
    In every family holiday activity, the innocence of children is always the center of fun. Let Takeway T1 clampod help you record every happy moment of your family day.
  • Let Takeway T1 give you a hand
    The base coming with the other accessories provides a firm support to use a smartphone or tablet and allows you to operate it with one hand. It is quick, easy, and efficient, and allows you to finish your work without being disturbed.
  • The best witness for lovers
    Lying on a white sandy beach under a clear blue sky with your beloved one; for such a romantic world, you don’t need others but just Takeway T1.
  • An easier way to take a group photo
    A better way to take a group photo. No more trouble or fuss of someone going missing on the frame. With Takeway T1 you won't leave out any friends anymore.
  • A great talent
    Professional photographers always want to get the best images, but often lack a hand helping them. The strong clamping power of Takeway T1 provides the best support for every angle you care.


Clamp bodyx1, Ballheadx1, Smartphone holder( basic)x1,
inner jawx1, Pouchx1, Standx1

Model Number:

Ectended: 12.5 x 9 x 16.4cm
Folded: 15 x 3.1 x 17.3cm

207g(include Ballhead)

Aeospace-grade aluminum Alloy, nylon 

Clamping range:
Ø4 ~ Ø50 mm
Flat surface:1~ 50 mm

Quick release screw:

Clamp body load capacity:
40 KG

Ballhead load capacity:
3 KG

* The maximum load capacity of Takeway ® T1 clamp body is 40kg (including ball head), but the maximum load capacity of the ball head itself depends on its own design.
* The design and specifications of this product are subjects to change without notice. Please follow the information on the website.


  • Material of the main body - the aerospace-grade aluminium alloy
    The main body is made of the aerospace-grade aluminium alloy, which allows it to be lightweight, small, and portable, while still maintains a great clamping power. Its great load capacity increases its convenience for operation. It is easy to be fixed and stable. You will never meet the problem of not being able to get the desired angle to shoot anymore.
  • The aerospace-grade aluminium - ballhead
    The clamp is equipped with a light ballhead and a quick release clip, so that you can basically use most digital cameras or DSLRs. The maximum load capacity of the ballhead is 3kg. The ballhead is steady and strong. You can also install a ballhead of a higher grade for a higher load capacity.
  • Jaw
    The cubic jaw offers a rotatable tip for three different sides: X side, smooth side, and grid side. You can choose the appropriate side for different surfaces to make clamping easier and more secure. You can fix your products tight and easy even on an irregular surface.
  • Disc handle
    An ergonomic disc handle made of soft plastic is easy to use. With a precise screw, you can screw in the clamp easy and quick.
  • Stand
    A removable stand gives a firm support when the clamp is used in standing position. It is to be stored, and it offers a stable support to the clamp.
  • Inner Jaw
    Most cylinders found in our daily life can be clamped with the inner jaw, which makes using T1 Clampod easier and more stable. As the drawing shows, it can clamp on cylinders whose diameter is between 16mm and 30mm.
  • Smartphone holder
    A smartphone holder comes with the other accessories. It is compatible with iPhone, Galaxy (S1, S2, S3), Galaxy Note (1, 2, 3), HTC ONE, etc (5-8.5cm). On the back and the side of the holder, there is a screw hole compatible with cameras. It can be used for different purposes such as taking photos or reading.
  • Pouch
    A pouch comes with the other accessories (random color). It is portable. You can use it to protect your personal stuff.

What is the maximum load capacity of Takeway T1? Can I mount a large camera on it?

The maximum load capacity of the main body of Takeway ® is 40 kg (including ballhead), and it can support most of the DSLRs. Yet, the load capacity of ballhead depends on the ballhead itself. Please consult the relevant documents of the ballhead you are using.

How long is the warranty of Takeway T1 and what are its conditions?

We provide you a full one-year warranty for our product. The warranty does not cover the following situations .
1. The products cannot be proved to be the product of Takeway.
2. Warranty period cannot be proved, or the manufactured date cannot be identified because it is erased or changed.
3. The product is damaged by natural disasters (flood, fire, earthquake, lightning strike, typhoon, etc.), man-made damage (scratching, falling, broken screws, knocking, hitting, etc), personal negligence (missing, improper storage, etc) and other unusual factors.
4.The product is not used for its original designed purpose, or user changes the original design.
5. The damage is caused by a user’s or a third party’s installing, adding, switching, or repairing the product with parts not authorized by the company.
6. The damage of the accessories (smartphone holder, pouch, base) and expendable parts.
7. The product or accessory is purchased from an unauthorized dealer.
8. The damage or loss is caused directly or indirectly by actions, conditions, and environments that are not approved or acknowledged by the user guide released by the company or by the relevant technical documents.
If you need further information or assistance please contact me.
Ms. Silver Chen