T-SP02 EVA Damping Foams

  • Model No. T-SP02
  • The stable support and shock protection, can prevent the support from shaking due to too fast speed. Can reduce vibration as well as to avoid phone surface scratches, provide double protection for your phone.
    Material: EVA Damping Foams
    Thickness: 1mm/pcs, 2mm/pcs
    About item:1 Set includes 4 pieces (1mm x2pcs + 2mm x2pcs).

    [ Fits Phone With/Without Case ]: No need to remove the phones cases when put on the mobile phones it depends on your phone thickness including the phone case. If the smartphone (including phone case) is thinner than 12mm, follow the manual instructions and install all the accessories. Installation of pads for sleeve corners & damping foams the most import is to make sure your smartphone seated closely into the phone holder before any further operation.
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